#TW30DaysOfTesting – Day 28: If you don’t have anything nice to say…you probably aren’t looking hard enough

Oi. This has come on quite a day! But as I mention in the title, there is almost always a shining spot and it is worth sharing that encouragement with people as they struggle through the challenges.

So today’s task…test a new integration point which has taken almost 3 weeks to wire up.

I am feeling fairly stuck in the mode of “trying to make it work” rather than really trying to challenge assumptions and push on boundaries. That is never a place I like to be in, and it probably a blog post in it’s own right. But suffice to say, there is a lot to be upset with today while testing this story.


The developers were brilliant while producing this story 🙂 They knew that the data setup would be a struggle, and we had talked about how that would need to be improved before story sign off. Thankfully, they not only agreed with that need, but really gave it a great effort. They created (and checked into source control) some Postman scripts. Not only that, they thought to parameterise them and use pre-request scrips to allow shared variables to only be set up once.

No. This is not an ideal story slicing. No. This is not an ideal implementation. And no. This is not a warm fuzzy feeling as we move towards completion. Lucky for me, I have a team where I can pass on my sincere thanks and praise for how much they value building a quality culture on our team. I know that with that type of attention, we can sort through the challenges and create a fantastic product!


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