#TW30DaysOfTesting – Day 27: Long time no see

This is one of my favourite of the challenges for this 30 days. I find there to be such great camaraderie built when I am on a project with amazing people, especially when we are on the road and trying to build a bit of a life in a new city, but then all of a sudden you separate! The relationships I have built have translated into wedding invites, group vacations, and lots and lots of work related debates and support.

Today I decided to reach out to an old friend that I actually first met in relation to the new hire program at ThoughtWorks. She was a graduate hire not long after I had been through the program and we started to chat about that and about life after returning from the training. Since then I have been lucky enough to be staffed near her (yay social events!) and even on her same project (though still not on the same team).

Aside from just wanting to say hi to an old friend, the reason I chose to reach out and say hi to Aubry was because she is on the project I left when I moved to the UK. It was a big engagement and had so much potential but also had a very long timeline. They are currently in a push for go live and I am super excited to hear how things are going.

Other reasons I find myself reaching out to old teammates…

  • Quick hellos
  • Recon on what they are working on and if they need a new teammate (wink wink)
  • And of course the other way to see if they would want to join my current team
  • Questions about old experiences I want to use as case studies in my current project
  • Opportunities to speak at new conferences (oh heyyyy James Spargo / TeshBash Philly!)
  • Congratulations for recent go-lives or other accomplishments
  • So many more…

So I hope you all take the time to say hi to a past friend as well, it is truly a wealth of support and learning that I try to take advantage of as much as possible.


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