#TW30DaysOfTesting – Day 22: Alone we can do so little, but together so much

My one way to help out the UK region is such a cop out…it is THIS!

Even throughout the engagement of this challenge I have had people discuss how they would like a stronger QA community, yet they are not participating in the day to day challenge. I think that sometimes it is easier to discuss about generic dreams for things, but the real challenge is in getting something started. Here was my straw man, and I am so excited to be receiving feedback and ideas for how it has been effective, but also where it needs to be tweaked.

So…to be a bit more actionable for the future. What I will do to help support our region is not just treat this challenge as a one off event. I will collect and apply feedback to recreate it in another form and continue to create a space for collaboration and learning!

This is in direct response to some of my personal annoyances with how I have wrapped up previous events. There are times I make such a push for a certain event or moment that by the time it is complete, I have very little gas left in the tank to create substantial outputs. The number one example of this was the fantastic workshop Lisa and I did TestBash Brighton earlier this year. I am so grateful that it has been reaccepted to European Testing Conference and that Bhagya has agreed to come on board as a pair for the event. This has given us a chance to refine the original talk, but also we are hoping to finally create the open source materials so that more people can recreate the training with their own offices and teams.

Hoping to make this the new trend!


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