#TW30DaysOfTesting – Day 21: Ouch, I wouldn’t want to use that either

I know that accessibility and usability are two different aspects to an application. But are they?

So today I want to call out an element that I know was created due to design requirements. The element is only intuitively usable by a mouse as the keys used to navigate the dropdown are all a bit off (e.g.: you can not use arrow keys in the drop down, you must use tab to change options). And it is downright impossible to use by voice over technology (found for free on all Mac computers). To showcase this, I have recorded a short screencast that captures this but I can’t seem to upload it (Twittter doesn’t accept .mov files and wordpress is requiring a paid upgrade!).

(EDIT: Got it uploaded! https://twitter.com/a_bangser/status/778891979002355712)

Over and above the mildly infuriating upload issue, it is just really important to always be reminded that while Visual Design, User Experience, and Accessibility all matter independently, they are all far lower value when they do not at least consider the other two.

A very nicely designed sidewalk, and the user experience created dirt path next to it. (https://guycookson.com/2015/06/26/design-vs-user-experience/)




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