#TW30DaysOfTesting – Day 20: Why did it take us this long??

Looking back at one of my personal goals for introducing 30 days of testing was the lack of cohesiveness within our testing community. We have so many amazing people doing amazing things, but because of commitments to regions, office, and clients we can find ourselves sometimes unaware of other people’s work.

I remember very clearly being just about a year in and feeling pretty confident. So when I saddled on up to the communal working table in the Chicago office and saw an unfamiliar face I introduced myself…”Hi, I’m Abby. Are you new to TW?” It is hard to forget the deadpan look back (don’t worry, now we are friends!) and the response of…”Hi, my name is Jimmy and no. I have been here 6 years.” Whoops. Definitely taught me to make no assumptions, but also was only the first time of many more where I was surprised by finding a new amazing person that I logically should have crossed paths with many times already.

Luckily for this challenge, that still exists. Today I formally introduced myself to a QA in the San Francisco office named Leonardo. He has about 1 more year experience at the company than I do, and I have seen him pop up on the QA mailing list from time to time, but being in different North American regions, we just have never met directly.

Here is to new friends!


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