#TW30DaysOfTesting – Day 14: Sharing the wealth

I particularly like this challenge because I think that sharing an interesting blog post is one of the easiest ways to build allies in a different role. By giving people ideas to consume in their own way I have found my conversations on controversial topics are made much more valuable. Not everyone is able to effectively absorb ideas and generate their own during even a friendly conversation (let alone the sometimes heated debates that testing can generate!).

When I am discussing a topic, I often try and identify a write up that I can introduce the other person to and will always follow up with sending the post if I mention it. But I didn’t always think like this, I credit my friend Camilla Crispim with showing me how valuable this practice can be. Back in December 2014 I had the good fortune to work on a small but passionate team on the annual refresh of our training materials at ThoughtWorks University which is our graduate onboarding program. I was the only analyst on the team but knew I needed some help. Camilla jumped at the opportunity and quickly bought into the idea of thinking like an analyst, not just as “a developer helping an analyst”. One of the first blog posts I shared with her was on the idea of testing vs checking since she had never heard that distinction. It didn’t take long for her to come back with questions and comments, and so many more articles that she had uncovered on her journey through the world of software testing blogs.

As a tip of my hat to that experience, I have shared another article with Camilla today and chose Mark Winteringham‘s article on cross browser checking. I think this post is a great extension of the base concept of testing vs checking and I really like the subtle TuTTu mnemonic which you can use as a question to yourself: Are you Testing the UI or Testing Through the UI.


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