#TW30DaysOfTesting – Day 13: Trading in my rubber ducky

On my current team I am filling both the Scrum Master and the QA role. In both cases I find immense value in pairing with people but often don’t get the chance to other than on specific activities or topics. That is why I was so excited when Laura Paterson reached out about coming over and pairing with me as a part of this challenge. Laura was by far and away the most influential coach I had during my onboarding training for ThoughtWorks and I am so excited to have the chance to work side by side again.

Unfortunately…schedules mean that this post will have to be updated on Thursday with the outcomes since she will be popping by then 🙂


*Note: the reference to a rubber ducky in the title is based on this.


—– Excited update after pairing 🙂 —–

Laura came by and we discussed a bunch of activities that I felt were important to our project and that she could help with. The topic that most stood out was my desire to create an Abby Radiator. I am currently working in both the QA and Scrum Master roles for a team of 10 developers. While it means I am never bored at work (seriously, that is awesome for me!), I do have concern over missing something because my back is turned. While I wish I could increase my brain’s capacity, I realise that is not realistic, so I went to the next best thing, decrease the amount my brain needs to process. What if I could identify the things that I find risky or things that I like to give extra attention to…and alert me of them!

Due to my dual role, I actually have areas in GIT commits, code specifics, environment statuses, and backlogs (VSTS). One really big plus of working in VSTS is that the Microsoft eco-system does work well together. We created a spreadsheet which feeds a radiator based on thresholds we set (and of course parameterise for future changes!).

It may only be one query for now, but it is getting somewhere. Check it out, do you have any tricks for offloading some of the brain power used to just keep checking status of things?

Our new “Abby Radiator” tracking un estimated stories

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