#TW30DaysOfTesting – Day 12: All quality teams should…

…value the information gathering side of testing

Using the term “all” in the title really goes against my usual consultant-y talk about “it depends…” but I will do my best to stay strong and back this up! 🙂


No, friendly developer, I am not breaking your software. I am helping you uncover unknown behaviours so that we as a team can triage and potentially change them.

And also…

No, friendly developer, you do not need to defend yourself because you think that the questions I raise are a direct evaluation of your work. I know that this behaviour wasn’t specified in the Acceptance Criteria, but I think on further review you too will agree that we should look at our options on what should happen here.

But, I think that this needs to go out to those of us in testing roles as well…

Yes, friendly tester type, you were very observant to find that issue and you are correct it is not working as originally specified. But no, that does not necessarily mean we need to drop everything right now and fix it.

Together as a team we need to value the surfacing of information as a stand alone activity. And then, we need to buy into the team decisions that come from evaluating that new information. If we truly want a quality focused team everyone needs to participate in, and stand by, both activities without trying to attach personal worth to either.


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