#TW30DaysOfTesting – Day 9: Others do always say it better…

Today is maybe the most stressful day of the challenge so far. I am a huge fan of quotes and I wish I had a picture from the back of my door as a kid which had maybe 50 quotes posted on it. Just thinking about this post and I have already run into at least 5 different rabbit holes (the most fun of which was a trip with Dr. Seuss!).

The thing I find about favourite quotes is that they are a lot like favourite songs. In this I mean that they often speak to specific feelings and events in time. That is why I have settled on this one…

“Take time for all things: great haste makes great waste” – Benjamin Franklin

This one really speaks to me at this point in time in large part because of the move to the UK. The pace of both work and life here in London has been far more manageable for me. I have found myself with more opportunities for exercise, for thinking, and for fun. This has in turn left me with more patience and curiosity at the office. It has made me better, and I hope it has also made our team and products better. So this reminds me not only that quality takes time, but also that all things deserve time and therefore quality.


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