#TW30DaysOfTesting – Day 7: Local events


Now this is just too perfect. Today is the day to pick an event to attend and not only can I pick an event, I can actually attend tonight!

A friend of mine at TW London hosts a monthly meetup in the security space called the Aware Security Party (get it? TWASP like OWASP :P). It has been a really interesting set of topics over the last few months including talks on things like dependancy checking  but also events like vulnerability capture the flag! Tonight’s topic is a talk on Cross Site Scripting (XSS) which is an important vulnerability to mitigate against as you build any user facing (yes this means internal users too) products.

Obviously it is unrealistic that everyone gets to a meetup tonight for this challenge, but instead the hope is the people will identify one to attend before the end of the month. With that in mind I will post a couple of the other events I am looking forward to this month as well!

One of my favourite new meetups is the Software Tester Clinic which is hosted by Dan Ashby (@DanAshby) and Mark Winteringham (@2bittester). The next one is September 20th so would be a great one to attend (more info on their site shortly).

Another staple in the London area is Software Testing Club which hosts a meetup every month. The best part about this group though is their  geographic spread. They have events on their page for all over the UK as well as cities in other countries including Atlanta, Georgia. So make sure to check it out, and see if you can find a local meetup near you!

Just as with the security meeting from this evening. I do try and get to a diversity of events since testing really does pull (and interact with) so many different groups. So outside of specific software testing meetups, I also really enjoy getting involved in other domains including DevOps, so on September 20th I will be attending London Continuous Delivery: Operability and Continuous Delivery.

Anyone want to share other meetups in the London area I should check out?


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