#TW30DaysOfTesting – Day 5: Hello new tester!

You speak to nearly any ThoughtWorker or look at nearly any review of the company and you will find reference to the amazing people as a big reason for our company’s draw. The passion in the people we work with day in and day out means I have been stretched into  learning more about myself, my community, and the world around me in both technical and social areas.

BUT as a consultant, you can become very attached to those on assignment with you and find you can barely recognise those you have never been staffed with. That was the big motivator for the Day 5 Challenge: Introduce yourself to a tester with less TW tenure than you.

For me, I am fairly new to the UK region, so I decided to find the QA with the least tenure here and introduce myself. I was excited when I look up that person and found out it was Kaylan. While he has only been a QA in our Manchester office for about 6 months, he has almost 10 years of experience and is particularly interested in OWASP/Security which is an area I feel always needs more exploration.

So far I have just sent the introduction email, but I look forward to updating further as we catch up on our current client and side projects!


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