#TW30DaysOfTesting – Day 3: Podcasts


So I kind of cheated on this one because I scoped out a new podcast on yesterday that I wanted to write about. I have known Mark Tomlinson (@mark_on_task) for a couple years now and even attended his performance workshop at TestBash NYC so I know first hand how awesome he is. But I had a confession. I hadn’t listened to his podcast PerfBytes! I fixed that Friday with the this great episode on Culture of Performance.

I was drawn to this episode title because I have learned (and continue to learn) the hard way that significant and prolonged change can only occur when the culture supports it. I have seen this on teams where I try to introduce quality/testing being a part of the early process through story analysis and kickoffs, but somehow I am “not around” when they wanted to pick up a new story so they just did. I have seen this in my personal life too though. Although I love being active, I have found that in the culture of some of my project teams I am out for rich dinners and bottles of wine most nights. Since I too enjoyed the dinners out, it was always easier to just meld in with the culture even though I knew it would be healthier to skip some of those evenings for the more sensible gym choice.

I thought that the episode was really entertaining and enlightening. Mark, James and Howard focused on 4 core areas: messaging, process, people, and reinforcement. I thought that it was great how they saw true success on performance culture as needing a combination of all those aspects and not just a matter of compensation bonuses, or any other one influencer.

Well as I suspected, Mark has won me over and I already have my next podcast cued up for the train ride tomorrow. Per one of his suggestions, I will be checking out Episode 18: Performance Analysis!


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