Building on the 30 Days of Testing

Once again Ministry of Testing is at the forefront of my growth in the testing community. Please excuse this quick jaunt down memory lane:

2013 – Attended first ever conference at TestBash in Brighton

2014 – Spoke at first conference after being suggested (heavily persuaded? :P) into a 99 second talk

2015 – Presented my first ever workshop and first paired session at TestBash Brighton

2016 (a) – Accepted for first single track conference talk at TestBash Philly

2016 (b) – Creating a blog…


I could not ask for a more supportive or brilliant group of people to be inspired by. The most recent inspiration came from the July 2016 introduction of the 30 Days of Testing. This challenge created conversation across every continent and really showcased the passion, creativity, and diversity of the testing community.

Just a week or so before this challenge started I also saw a really great tweet by Maaret Pyhäjävi that seemed to embody why I was so hesitant to be a driver in my companies QA community. Maaret says “There’s a lot more we need to do to move from testers communities to testing communities. Testers and developers share testing.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 18.36.11

These two inputs occurring so close together has driven me to create an internal focused 30 Days of Testing for September. I hope to be building on these very solid bases but with some slight tweaks. First, the focus is slightly different from Rosie’s as it is definitely more focused on our company. And second, it is actually building on the idea of testers and developers owning testing to say that EVERYONE owns quality and can find places in their daily work that testing can support.

I will be tracking my progress as both a participant and an organiser here to hopefully support others who may want to do something similar.


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